The following iron specification information has been compiled from product brochures, golf magazines, and from inquiries to the manufacturers. The year indicated is the specifications noted at that time and may not reflect any changes made during the life of the product. The information is listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer name and then model name.

Adams Tight Lies GT Nicklaus airBear Jack
Adams Tight Lies Tour GT Nicklaus airBear M3
  Nicklaus airBear2 Offset
Armour 845s Oversize
Nicklaus airMax
Armour 845s Oversize Reduced Offset Nicklaus VCG
Armour 845s Silver Scot  
Armour 845s Titanium Face Nike Forged
Armour 855s Nike Forged Pro Combo
Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-25
Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-31 Orlimar Scoring Irons
Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-31 Reduced Offset Orlimar Scoring Irons - Lady
Orlimar Ken Venturi PG-64 Forged
Orlimar SF302
Blade TC-2 Orlimar TriMetal
Blade Tour Cavity
Blade Tour Feel P
Ping Eye2
Ping Eye2+
Callaway s2h2 Ping i3 Blade
Callaway X-12 Ping i3 O-Size
Callaway X-12 Pro Series Ping i3+ Blade
Callaway X-14 Steelhead
Ping i3+
Callaway X-14 Steelhead Pro Series Ping ISI
  Ping Zing
Cleveland 588T/588P Ping Zing2
Cleveland TA1 Form Forged  
Cleveland TA3 Form Forged Precept Tour Premium CB
Cleveland TA3 Precept Tour Premium
Cleveland TA4
Cleveland TA5 Q
Cleveland TA5 GunMetal
Cleveland TA5 Senior R
Cleveland TA7
Cleveland TA7 Tour S
Cleveland QuadPro
Cleveland VAS+ T
  TaylorMade 300 Forged
Cobra CXI Men's TaylorMade 320
Cobra Gravity Back TaylorMade 360
King Cobra I Oversize TaylorMade Burner LCG
King Cobra SS Forged TaylorMade Burner LCG Champagne (ladies)
King Cobra SS Oversize - Mens TaylorMade Burner Tour
TaylorMade Firesole
D TaylorMade Firesole Tour
TaylorMade SuperSteel
E TaylorMade X-300 FCI
TaylorMade Vintage (link)
Feel Competitor
Titleist Forged 690CB
Feel Sensation Titleist Forged 690MB
Titleist 731PM
G Titleist DCI 762
Golfsmith Pro Forged
Titleist DCI 762B
Golfsmith Forged Titleist DCI 822OS
Golfsmith Tour Cavity Titleist DCI 96
Golfsmith Tour Cavity Forged Titleist DCI 962
Golfsmith Tour Cavity Pro Titleist DCI 962B
Titleist DCI 981
H Titleist DCI 981 SL (men's)
Hogan Apex
Titleist DCI 981 SL (women's)
Hogan Apex Edge Titleist DCI 990
Hogan Apex Edge Pro Titleist DCI 990B
Hogan Apex Plus Titleist DCI Oversize+ Black
Hogan Edge GCD Midsize  
Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-25
I Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-31
J Top-Flite Tour
Top-Flite XL 2000 Mens
K Top-Flite XL 2000 Womens
Kasco VS Tour
  Traditional TR-1
KZG Blades Traditional TR-2
KZG Cavity Back Traditional TR-3
KZG CH-1 Traditional Tour Cavity
KZG Maraging Power
LMG Sports Liquid Metal II
Louisville Classic 50's W
  Wilson Staff FS Fat Shaft
Lynx Black Cat Wilson Fat Shaft
Lynx Black Cat Forged Wilson Staff FS RM Tour 450
Lynx Parallax Wilson Staff Progressive
Wilson Staff RM Midsize
M Wilson Staff RM Midsize Fat Shaft
Macgregor Tourney Forged Personal
Wilson FS Tour Cast
Macgregor Tourney Forged PMB Tour Wilson Staff Ultra 45
Macgregor Tourney Forged PCB Tour
Macgregor Tourney Forged PCB X
Macgregor Tourney MT Tungsten
Macgregor Tourney MT Y
Macgregor Tourney VIP 1025C Forged
Macgregor Tourney VIP 1025M Forged Z
  Zevo Comp Equipe Midsize
Maxfli Austrailian Blade
Zevo Comp Equipe Oversize
Maxfli A10 Zevo Lob Oversize
Maxfli Revolution Zevo Mid-Blade
Maxfli Revolution Midsize Zevo Z-Blade
  Zevo Z1
Mizuno GRAD MP
Mizuno MP-14  
Mizuno MP-19  
Mizuno MP-29  
Mizuno MP-33  
Mizuno MX-20  
Mizuno TC29 Midsize  
Mizuno TP-9  
Mizuno T-Zoid Comp EZ  
Mizuno T-Zoid Pro  
Mizuno T-Zoid Pro II  
Mizuno T-Zoid Sure  
Mizuno T-Zoid True  
Mizuno T-Zoid T3 Titanium