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Equip2Golf constantly searches the web for news and information about new products. We also receive press releases about new equipment and here we have compiled some of the new product news and annoucements that you may have missed. We will update this page as we learn of new products.

Bridgestone Golf Tour B330 Golf Ball

  • Bridgestone Golf enters the U.S. golf market in 2005 with a new golf ball, the Tour B330. The Tour B330 is a three-piece urethane design with a suggested retail price of $54 per dozen available at golf specialty stores and green grass retailers nationwide, beginning January 1st, 2005. The new ball features 330 Seamless Cover TechnologyTM (SCT®) dimple pattern for reduced drag during elevation, and a prolonged lift after peak trajectory, causing a shallower angle of descent. SCT® replaces the typical ball seam line with complete dimple coverage, promoting increased distance and a more consistent flight. The prolonged lift, reduced drag, and shallower descent towards the ground together are intended to produce maximum distance. The Tour B330 also incorporates Bridgestone’s new Speed Elasticity Core, using varying degrees of hardness from the inside to outside of the core, known as Gradational Compression Technology. The core contributes to increased velocity off of the clubface and allows larger ball deformation to minimize spin off of the driver. Optimal spin rate on iron shots is achieved with the combination of the soft urethane cover and Speed Elasticity Core.  In addition to the increased distance and accuracy, the Tour B330 does not sacrifice feel on and around the greens. The next generation thermoplastic polyurethane cover makes for a ball with excellent control and check performance on short iron shots and chips.

Nike Irons and Woods

  • Nike Golf introduces the NDS line of Irons, Driver, and Fairway Woods. The NDS Irons feature a simple notch weight progression system based on the same manipulation of center of gravity incorporated into their popular Slingshot Irons. The new irons are targeted toward beginners and high handicap golfers although they are currently being played on the LPGA Tour by Nike Golf Staff Professional Grace Park. The long irons feature a larger notch to increase the heel and toe weighting, allowing for greater forgiveness. The short irons feature a narrower notch, raising the centre of gravity to increase the workability and avoid ballooning. The NDS Irons are constructed from 431 Stainless Steel for increased feel and have a wide sole and progressive offset. The NDS irons are available in Men’s (3-PW set) and Women’s (4-SW set) in both right and left hand models with a NDS steel shaft from True Temper (Uniflex) or a NDS graphite shaft from Fujikura (Stiff, Regular, Women’s, Senior). Suggested Retail Price of $599 for 3-PW set in graphite and $479 for 3-PW set in steel. The NDS Driver features a 2041 Beta Titanium face, which is thinner and stronger than steel and provides increased distance. The 400cc titanium head features a large deep face for improved forgiveness.  Suggested Retail Price is set at $239 each in graphite. The NDS Fairway Woods are made from 17-4 stainless steel to offer premium performance and durability. The center of gravity is placed low in the club for the optimum launch angle, making it easier to get the ball off the fairway and into the air. Suggested Retail Price is set at $179 each in graphite.

Cobra Irons

  • Cobra Golf introduces the King Cobra Inertia Series irons.  The series consists of seven different sets, all incorporating high inertia properties promoting an increased Sweet Zone, greater accuracy, and distinct launch characteristics. The nomenclature of the Inertia Series models corresponds with the approximate Inertia (I) value and launch (trajectory) of each model.  The Inertia value is determined by multiplying the Iyy Inertia by the center of gravity depth measurement.  The larger the Inertia value, the higher the launch and the greater the Sweet Zone for accuracy and forgiveness.  The 3400I/XH model features the largest Sweet Zone of the three different models and promotes extra-high launch with slight workability, while the 3100I/H has a very large Sweet Zone with high launch and moderate workability.  The 3400I/XH and 3100I/H are available in Men’s, Senior and Women’s models.  The 2300I/M has a large Sweet Zone with mid-high launch club for competitive players who seek the ultimate in control and workability.  The Inertia Series irons also feature premium graphite shafts from Graphite Design (YS), Aldila (NV) and premium steel shafts from Nippon and True Temper.  The new King Cobra Inertia Series 3400I/XH and 3100I/H iron lines are currently available while the 2300I/M line will be available in February 2005.  Suggested Retail Pricing is set as follows:  $750 for 3400I/XH with steel steel shafts (4-GW set); $875 for 3400I/XH with graphite shafts (4-GW set); $560 for 3100I/H with steel shafts (3-PW set); $680 for 3100I/H with graphite shafts (3-PW set); and $620 for 2300I/M with steel shafts (3-PW set).

Cobra Utility

  • Cobra Golf introduces the new King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals. The original Baffler was introduced in 1975. The new Baffler features a combination of a uniquely contoured sole plate and low and back center of gravity that makes it easier to hit than long irons from any lie and turf condition with a higher trajectory and increased carry distance. The body of the Baffler is constructed of 17-4 Stainless Steel. A large face area features a thin, hot 465 Maraging Stainless Steel face insert, offering an expanded Sweet Zone for maximum ball speed from all nine points across the club face. A high Moment of Inertia helps stabilize the club head at impact for forgiveness and accuracy. The King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are offered in four iron replacement lofts in men’s, women’s and senior models. All Men’s and Senior King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are available in both right hand and left hand models with lightweight high launch Cobra/Aldila NV-HL graphite (65g/S,R, Lite) or Nippon NS950 steel (98g/S,R, Lite) shafts. The Women’s clubs are also available in right and left hand and feature ultra lightweight Cobra/Aldila NV-HL50 (50g) graphite shaft. The stock grip for all King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals is Cobra/Golf Pride Tour Velvet.  The King Cobra Baffler Utility Metals are currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $180 each in graphite and $160 each in steel.

Nike Golf Bag

  • Nike Golf introduces the Nike Xtreme Lite golf bag. The new bag is a lightweight carry bag that weighs 4.2 pounds and features the Nike Xtreme Suspension System, an exoskeleton frame that gives the bag its structure instead of the traditional stay rods that are usually inside more traditional golf bags. Additionally, the bag features a convertible one or two shoulder strap system that incorporates Nike Air cushioning into the straps for increased comfort.  The wide bottom of the bag is made from Phylon, a material that Nike uses for most of the soles on their sneakers. This feature creates a more durable and stable base for the bag. The Nike Xtreme Lite golf bag is currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $150 in the following color combinations: Black/Chrome, Atlantic Blue/Silver, Varsity Red/Lt. Graphite, Gun Metal/Black, and Solar Orange/Black.

Nike Wedges

  • Nike Golf introduces the first signature golf clubs from Tiger Woods. The Tiger Woods signature wedges are the latest additions to Nike Golf’s line of Forged Wedges that now includes 20 different styles. Woods has been using the wedges since last October at the World Golf Championship’s AMEX event.  The signature model is available in lofts of 56 and 60 degrees.  The wedges are precision forged from 1030 Carbon Steel and machined to precise tolerances for a feel enhancing, more consistent ball-striking surface. The wedges are chromed to preserve their look and bear the “Tiger Woods” name and logo on the back of the club head. The Tiger Woods Forged Wedges are currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $139 each.
Odyssey Putters
  • Odyssey Golf recently developed a new putter insert technology that they are introducing in the Odyssey White Steel putter line.  The new putters feature Dual Insert Technology, a precision-milled trapezoid-shaped stainless steel insert suspended in the center of a modified White Hot urethane face insert to create a unique combination of precision and feel.  Odyssey's proprietary White Hot face insert is lightweight and highly resilient, allowing weight to be repositioned deep in the putterhead for greater resistance to twisting and increased stability on off-center putts, with remarkably soft feel. The stainless steel insert is machine-milled for a consistent, flat surface that gives golfers improved roll and a unique, pleasing sound at impact.  For each model in the White Steel Putter line, a highlighted alignment strip atop the putterhead features a brushed satin finish that help golfers square the face to target at address and focus sight for a pure stroke.  All White Steel Putters feature a bright, distinct and identifying Odyssey Red Swirl grip from Winn.  Available in October, the White Steel putters have a Suggested Retail Price of $215 each for the 2-Ball models and $150 each for the more traditional models.

Cleveland Wedges

  • Cleveland Golf recently introduced the addition of the CG10 Black Pearl wedge to its line of CG10 wedges. Like the original satin chrome CG10, the CG10 Black Pearl wedge is also made from the same Carbon Metal Matrix™ (CMM™) as the original CG10. This new material is infused with 17 times more carbon than traditional 8620 and 1020 carbon steels, which helps offer improvements in the areas of feel and performance. Microscopic carbon spheres suspended within CMM help create a matrix material that is 10% less dense and 15% softer than traditional carbon steel used in cast and forged club heads. CMM not only provides soft feel, but also allows designers to redistribute weight for optimum performance.   The Black Pearl finish consists of a double layer of Nickel (Ni) followed by an ultra-thin chrome coating. The Black Pearl layer, which is the final step in this proprietary finishing process, helps reduce glare making it easier to frame the ball at address.  The CG10 Black Pearl wedges are available with loft options of 52º, 54º, 56º and 60º. The 52º wedge is available with a standard bounce while all other lofts are available with three bounce options. Available in October, the CG10 Black Pearl wedges have a Suggested Retail Price of $149 each.

Never Compromise Putter

  • Cleveland Golf recently introduced the Voodoo Daddy putter by Never Compromise.  The newest addition to the Voodoo putter line features a black/gray/black face-balanced mallet constructed from the same aircraft aluminum alloy used in the original Voodoo.  Never Compromise has taken the same weight properties of the original Voodoo and added stabilizer bars to the toe and heel while also increasing the overall distance from the face to the back of the putter. These changes made on the Voodoo Daddy have helped to significantly increase the putter's MOI (Moment of Inertia) while also giving it a center of gravity that is lower than any putter Never Compromise has ever created. The putter’s extended sight line has also helped create a putter that is much easier to align which will help lead to reduced backspin for truer roll on putts.  The Voodoo Daddy putter is available in either a traditional heel mounted model or center shafted version. The Suggested Retail Price is set at $255 each and is currently available.

Cleveland Irons

  • Cleveland Golf introduces the Launcher™ Irons.  The new irons are designed to offer the highest MOI (Moment of Inertia) and the lowest and deepest center-of-gravity available in any other Cleveland Golf iron. Targeted toward mid to high handicap golfers the irons aim to provide more accuracy and less loss of distance on off-center shots, while their wider sole helps get the ball up in the air quickly and easily.  The irons are made from 17-4 stainless steel and available in a high polish finish.  The Launcher Iron's extra large cavity and face help create a large sweet spot for increased forgiveness and playability.  The Suggested Retail Price for the Launcher Irons is $800 for 3-PW set with steel shafts and $928 for 3-PW set with graphite shafts. They are currently available.

Tour Edge Fairway Woods

  • Tour Edge Golf recently introduced a new division within the company called Exotics to focus on new and advanced product development.  The first product to come out of this group is the Exotics C.B. fairway wood.  C.B. stands for Combo-Brazing and refers to a new process developed by Tour Edge.  The technique is where two dissimilar metal parts, titanium and steel, are blended together by chemical bonding. This proprietary chemical process is patented worldwide. It starts with a cold-rolled titanium cup face that is computer- milled around the edge of the cup with a high precision rim. The remaining steel body is precision cast to include an interlocking channel.  The parts are chemically treated, inserted together and vacuum heat-cured for permanent bonding without heavy welding. The intrinsic quality of the process is unparalleled, resulting in a lower center of gravity, greater spring off the face, increased feel, and a pure energy transfer.  Tour Edge states that these are benefits that are not possible from traditional welded together club heads.  A titanium-cupped face is bonded with a Hypersteel body, but without the need for heavy welding. Lack of heavy welding frees 50 grams of weight to be moved to rear skirt and sole. Moving weight from face to rear and sole produces deeper center of gravity.  The Tour Edge Exotics C.B fairway woods come in 3+ (13°), 3 (15°), 5 (18°) and 7 (21°) models.  The woods are currently available in men’s right hand only with stock Fujikura shafts and Golf Pride Dual Durometer grips.  Suggested Retail Price is set at $499 each.

Tom Wishon Golf Technology Hybrid

  • Tom Wishon Golf Technology (TWGT) introduced their first hybrid club, the Wishon Golf Model 321LI hybrid long iron.  The new hybrids combine a maximum rear Center of Gravity location in the clubhead with a revolutionary small tip diameter iron shaft design concept to deliver the trajectory of a short iron with the distance of a long iron.   By engineering the design of Wishon Golf’s  GI-335 graphite and Series 5-335 steel shafts to flex like an iron in the grip end of the shaft, but to bend like a wood shaft in the tip section, TWGT has achieved a 4 degree increase in launch angle over numerous conventional iron shafts when installed in other hybrid long iron heads.  This allows increased distance while maintaining a high trajectory. The Wishon Golf 321LI hybrid long irons with GI-335 graphite or Series 5-335 steel shafts are available custom fit from custom clubmakers in right handed models  #1 (15°), #2 (18°), #3 (21°), #4 (24°), and #5 (28°).   Left handed models available include #2 (18°) and #3 (21°).  The 321LI are currently available and have a Suggested Retail Price of $149 each in graphite and $129 in steel.  To find a custom clubmaker, see the Clubfitter Locator page found on Wishon Golf Technology’s consumer web site at www.twgolftech.com

Cobra Irons

  • Cobra Golf introduces the new King Cobra Forged CB irons.  The new irons combine a classic forged look at address with a forgiving game improvement cavity back design.  Featuring a combination of solid forged iron feel with a large forgiving sweet spot, the irons are forged from S30C carbon steel, a softer alloy which provides soft feel and allows for custom fit lie options from 2 degrees up to 2 degrees flat.  A variable “muscle arch” transitions through the set forming a lower center of gravity in the long irons and a higher center of gravity (CG) in the short irons.  The cavity back design promotes greater accuracy and greater forgiveness on off-center hits.  A modified sole generates “shallow divots” and improved playability from all lies.  The iron heads feature a Nickel/Chrome-plated finish with blasted scoreline area. The stock shaft is the True Temper Dynamic Gold Sensicore shaft (127 grams). The stock grip is a custom Golf Pride Tour Velvet 50D cord.  Additional shaft and grip options are available through Cobra Custom.  The King Cobra Forged CB irons are currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $999 for 3-PW set with steel shafts.   A 2-iron, gap, sand, and lob wedges are also available. 

Nike Fairway Woods

  • Nike Golf recently introduced a follow-up to their Ignite driver line with a complementary line of Ignite T60 fairway woods.  The woods feature a 60-gram tungsten plug that creates a center of gravity position that is low and deep in the clubhead promoting game improvement while maintaining a classic club head shape.  The Ignite T60 fairway wood is built with a custom 455 stainless steel club face for maximum performance. The design, with two-thirds of the clubhead’s weight below the equator of the ball, allows for optimum weight to be inserted low and get the ball airborne easier.  Also by moving the center of gravity (CG) deeper into the clubhead the club is easier to square at impact to improve accuracy.  The Ignite T60 fairway woods are currently available with a Suggest Retail Price of $239 each

Callaway Hybrid

  • Callaway Golf recently entered the hybrid market for the first time with the introduction of the Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids, a new line of hybrid clubs designed to combine the accuracy and control of a long iron with the distance of a fairway wood.  The new clubs features an elongated, low profile head design that lowers the center of gravity for ease in getting the ball airborne. This also is intended to promote clean contact with the ball in various turf conditions ranging from tight lies to deep rough. The extended heel-to-toe head shape features maximized perimeter weighting, which raises the moment of inertia (MOI) for increased stability and more resistance to twisting on off-center shots. The modified War Bird sole design promotes solid contact from any lie, and helps the head glide over or through any surface with minimal resistance.  The Heavenwood Hybrids also incorporate Callaway’s patented S2H2 hosel design, Tru-Bore head technology, and VFT face design.  The Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids are offered in lofts 1H (14 degrees), 2H (17 degrees), 3H (20 degrees), 4H (23 degrees) and 5H (26 degrees), which correspond to traditional 1-, 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-irons.  The standard graphite shaft in the Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrids is the RCH 75w, available in light, regular, firm and strong flexes. The standard steel shaft is the Big Bertha Uniflex. Available in men’s right hand models on October 1st with a Suggested Retail Price of $200 per club in steel clubs and $225 per club in graphite.  Men’s left hand models available beginning January 2005. 

Titleist Hybrid

  • Titleist recently introduced the new 503.H Utility Iron, a utility club designed to provide a distance and trajectory solution at the long end of the set.  The new iron is available in lofts of 19 and 22 degrees and geared toward lower handicap golfers to help optimize long game yardage gaps, and provide a more controllable and playable trajectory.  The 503.H features a thin face design provides optimum weight distribution and allows for a deeper center of gravity.  A molded, light weight, carbon fiber composite core dampens vibration and provides strength and support for the thin face design. Finally, a high density tungsten sole screw positions the center of gravity low and deep to provide launch and trajectory benefits including more control versus a high loft fairway and more playability versus a long iron. The 503.H has been tested extensively on the PGA Tour this year with over 50 different players putting it in play. The Titleist 503.H Utility Iron is available in both right and left hand models in October with a suggested retail price of $185 per club in steel and $225 per club in graphite.

Nike Utility

  • Nike Golf recently introduced the new Pro Combo Utility Irons targeted toward low to mid handicap golfers that prefer the look and feel of a traditional long iron in an easier to hit design.  The Pro Combo Utility Irons have 70 grams of Tungsten inserted deep in the back of the club head. This produces a lower and deeper center of gravity making them easier to hit than a traditional long iron. The face of the club has been precision forged from custom E2000 lightweight steel and machined to tight tolerances for a feel enhancing, more consistent ball-striking surface. The custom E2000 steel provided a 25-gram weight savings in the face, which Nike Golf moved to the Tungsten plug at the back of the head. The irons are available in steel shaft only featuring the Speed Step steel shaft from True Temper.  It is 30 percent lighter than traditional steel shafts for increased club head speed and greater distance. The Pro Combo Utility Irons will be available in a 2 (18-degrees/Stiff flex), 3 (20-degrees/Stiff and Regular flex), and 4-iron (22-degrees/Stiff and Regular flex).  Available October 1st with a Suggested Retail Price of $189 each.  

MacGregor by Bobby Grace Putter

  • MacGregor Golf introduced the new V-FOIL GT putter by Bobby Grace.  The GT putters combine Macgregor’s patented V-FOIL technology with an high MOI design.  Precision-milled holes in the putter frame and 150 grams of strategically placed copper weight screws maximize MOI and stability on off-center hits. The deep center of gravity lines up directly with the ball for an increased solid feel. The GT putters also feature enhanced visual alignment aids. A Tour center shaft with a slight off-center placement and custom bend improves optics and forward hand position at address. A dual silver band which frames a bold sight line makes lining up a putt easy. The GT putters include three models designed using MacGregor’s patented tri-plane sole technology: M5K, M6.4K and M7.5K. All models are 100% milled for precision and perfect balance with a soft milled beryllium-copper reverse annealed face insert for maximum feel and feedback. The M5K and 6.4K are available in right-handed, Tour center and heel shafts and left-handed, Tour center shaft. The M7.5K is available in right-handed, Tour center shaft. GT putters are currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $229.99 each. In October, custom aluminum, copper tungsten and tungsten screw weights with a weight removal tool will be available for an additional $49.99. These three different pair of weight screws offers four variations of head weight, allowing optimization to course conditions and personal preference.

Nike Putter

  • Nike Golf recently introduced the Blue Chip OZ T100 mallet putter featuring a 100-gram Tungsten plug in the extreme rear of the clubhead that accounts for 30 percent of the head's overall weight. The rear weighting reduces skidding and allows a truer roll on putts of all lengths. The Blue Chip series gets its name from the striking blue, feel-enhancing face insert that is 73 percent softer than stainless steel. The OZ T100 is face balanced, and the 100-gram Tungsten plug doubles as an alignment aid along with parallel and perpendicular site lines. New to the BC series is the C-Thru Grip from Golf Pride, a high-tack, soft, thermoplastic rubber paddle style grip that wraps around the OZ T100's double bend stepless steel shaft. The OZ T100 will be available in lengths of 33-inches, 34-inches and 35-inches for right-handed players and 34-inches and 35-inches for left-handed players. Available October 1st with a Suggested Retail Price of $167 each.  The new OZ style will also be available in a mid-length version and feature a 140-gram Tungsten plug. The BC OZ T140 will be available in right-handed only in lengths of 41-inches, 43-inches and 45-inches with a Suggested Retail Price of $199.
La Jolla Club Hybrid
  • La Jolla Club Golf Company has expanded its Knife club offerings with the introduction of the new Knife Hybrids, designed to combine the distance of a wood with the playability and accuracy of an iron.   The Knife Hybrid features La Jolla Club's patented three-blade technology, which has three blades on the club sole coupled with a low center of gravity get the ball airborne quicker, provide optimal trajectory and increased distance. Additionally, the new club features an aerodynamic sole and crown design help dampen the effects of miss hits and make the club easier to hit from the tee, fairway, bunkers or rough.  The Knife Hybrid is available in a 3, 4, and 5 model right hand only. The graphite or steel shafts are available in flexes of L, A, R, & S.  Available November 1st, the Knife Hybrid has a Suggest Retail Price of $99.99 each. 

Feel Grips

  • Feel Golf Company recently introduced a third model of their Game Improvement Full Release™ Grip.  The new grip will debut at the Fall PGA Expo in Las Vegas on September 20th & 21st.   The new Designer Wrap™ will be added to the X-Line and X-Wrap versions of the Full Release™ Grip that were introduced to the public earlier this year.  The grip features the patent pending “Taper Tip Technology™” employing the same logic and principles from other sports.  The grip allows golfers to fully release the club and attain maximum club head speed. The “Taper Tip Technology™” design is thinner in the left hand and thicker in the right hand, similar to the grip of a baseball bat. The grip also allows golfers to more easily hold the club in just the fingers of your hand allowing the full release of the club through impact, greatly reducing or even eliminating the slice or hook shots that plague so many of today’s golfers.   The Full Release™ Grip with its seven Patents Pending is USGA conforming

TaylorMade Drivers

  • TaylorMade Golf recently announced the r5 dual line of drivers. In contrast to the r7 quad driver that features four adjustable weight ports, the new r5 dual features two non-adjustable weight ports. The driver is available in two models, the r5 Type D and r5 dual Type N. Each model is designed to deliver a specific type of trajectory. The r5 dual Type D is engineered to promote a draw, while the r5 dual Type N is engineered to promote a neutral or straight ball flight. Both models feature a 450cc head, and TaylorMade's Super-Thin Wall (STW) casting technology, which allows the clubhead walls to be made 20% thinner than those of a typical titanium wood. Players seeking a driver which promotes a straight ball flight should opt for the r5 dual Type N. The Type N has two TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) cartridges permanently installed at the rear of the clubhead. These cartridges are strategically positioned low and at the clubhead's perimeter, to pull the center of gravity (CG) deeper into the clubhead, away from the face and closer to heel. This change in CG location makes it far easier for the player to square the clubface to the ball at impact.  Players seeking a driver to alleviate a slice or promote a draw should look at the r5 dual Type D. The Type D also features two TLC cartridges as well as a "pulled heel" clubhead shape, where the material is "pulled" outward near the heel, making it possible to position the TLC cartridges closer to the heel. That moves the CG location closer to the heel than in the r5 dual Type N, making it even easier to release the club properly through impact for enhanced accuracy. Additionally, the r5 dual Type D's clubface is aligned slightly closed at address to contribute to the production of draw-spin at impact. Both r5 dual drivers are equipped with TaylorMade's M.A.S graphite shafts and TaylorMade TGT grip  The r5 dual drivers are available September 15th with a suggested retail price of $425 each.

Ping Drivers

  • Ping Golf recently introduced their newest driver, the G2 Driver.  The new driver features a 460 cc head design with a precision-milled variable thickness face and variable sole thickness that combines to create a lower spin rate and higher launch angle for optimal distance and forgiveness.   The G2 driver is available in lofts of in lofts of 7.0°, 8.5°, 10.0° and 11.5°.  The G2 driver is available standard with the TFC 100D graphite shaft, designed with a proprietary dampening material that removes undesirable vibration for enhanced feel and performance in every flex.  Additional standard shaft options include the Aldila NV 65 and Grafalloy ProLaunch 65 graphite shafts.  Ping also offers the G2L (women) and G2EZ (men) drivers designed for players with slower swing speeds.  Both the G2L and G2EZ feature 15.5° of loft in a 400cc head to assist in creating the optimal trajectory to maximize distance.  The G2 drivers are available September 1st with a suggested retail price of $350 each.

Mizuno Irons

  • Mizuno unveils its latest forged iron, the MP-32.  The new iron features a “Cut Muscle” cavity design where the club head’s weight is strategically redistributed in order to create a consistent sweet spot location throughout the set.  A specific amount of weight is removed (cut) from the blade (muscle) head shape and moved to establish a precisely placed center of gravity in each club.  This design promotes a controllable and predictable ball flight while maintaining a solid feel.  The MP-32 is available in right and left hand models standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold S300 and R300 steel shafts and Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Round Grips standard. Suggest retail pricing for the 3-PW set is $1,099.  Right hand sets are available in September with limited left hand sets available in February of 2005. 

Cleveland Woods

  • Cleveland Golf recently introduced the new Sport Series driver and fairway woods. The Sport OS driver and fairway woods are designed for the player who consistently fights hitting weak fades or slices. The 410 Sport OS driver features a 410 cc all titanium clubhead with generous offset and a lightweight graphite shaft which helps to promote a high drawing ball flight for increased distance and control. The Sport OS fairway woods, made from 17-4 stainless steel, are designed to compliment the Sport OS driver, giving players of any level the confidence to hit consistent, high and accurate approach shots to the green or off the tee. The Suggested Retail Price for the Sports Series driver is $250 with the fairway woods listed at $175 and they are currently available.

Sonartec Hybrid

  • Sonartec’s Md Transition hybrid club has gained the spotlight recently with Todd Hamilton’s use of the club in his recent Open Championship win. The Md Transition hybrid is designed to replace the 1, 2, 3 and 4 irons. The club features Sonartec’s patented Driving Cavity and allows a penetrating ball flight off the tee and the ability to land softly on the green from clean fairway lies and on long par 3's. The Md sits square and has no offset, making it a club that appeals to players of all abilities. The high-end custom UST iRoD shaft was developed by Sonartec and UST to maximize the performance of the Md. It is the shaft of choice of PGA Tour players who use the Md in tournament play. Available in lofts of 17, 19, 21, 23 degrees with a suggested retail price of $199 each in graphite.

Aerotech Golf Shafts

  • Aerotech, based in Bellingham, Washington, recently introduced a new product called the SteelFiber shaft that takes a unique and different approach to combining steel and graphite in a shaft. They must be on to something since earlier this year a past major champion put the SteelFiber shaft in his driver and increased his overall driving statistics. The SteelFiber shaft features a combination of intertwined graphite and steel. It has a high-modulus graphite core surrounded by a complex steel-fiber surface layer that includes more than 59 miles of steel fiber covering the entire surface of each shaft. Each steel fiber’s diameter is approximately 1/10th the diameter of a human hair. The high-density steel surface fiber optimizes the weight without substantially increasing the wall thickness, promoting a more solid feel through impact. The use of the steel fiber effectively creates a perimeter weighted golf shaft featuring and increased MOI that when combined with the graphite core dampens vibration, increases clubhead speed and maximizes distance. The steel fiber surface layer adds stability and control for maximum accuracy. The SteelFiber shafts are available for both woods and irons in a wide variety of various weights and flexes. The suggested retail price for the SteelFiber shafts are $32.50- $34.50 each for woods and $26.60- $27.50 each for irons depending on specific model.

Nike Golf Balls

  • Nike Golf introduced two new golf balls with the Nike One Black and Nike One Gold. Dubbed by Nike as the “longest ball on Tour”, the One Black is designed for maximum distance and reduced excess spin targeting the golfer that places a premium on low-spin and high launch conditions, and prefers a crisp feel with more penetrating trajectory. The Nike One Gold is an improved version of the original One golf ball. Both golf balls are currently available with a Suggested Retail Price of $54 per dozen.

Henry-Griffitts Fairway Woods

  • Henry-Griffitts recently introduced the RDH Fairway Series woods. The woods feature a new face material known as MAS 900H, which is harder than titanium and has elastic properties that create higher ball velocity leading to greater distance. Higher launch angles and less backspin are created by a lower center of gravity location in the club head. The fairway woods are available in both non-offset and offset models. Lofts for the non-offset models are 13, 16, 19, and 23 degrees. Lofts for the offset models are 16, 19, 23, and 27 degrees. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $245 each with steel shaft, $305 each with graphite shaft, and $365 each with ultra-light graphite shaft.

MacGregor Driving Iron

  • MacGregor Golf extends their V-FOIL product line with the introduction of the V-FOIL Go Long Driving Iron. Designed to deliver the power and high launch angle of a fairway wood and the control and accuracy of an iron, the V-FOIL Go Long Driving Iron features concentrated mass and a hot face with perimeter weighting in a forged cavity back design. The massive weight low and deep and high MOI provides a high launch angle even from difficult lies, and the curved, contoured sole reduces drag when hitting from the rough. Extended shaft lengths add to the distance properties of the club. Available in lofts of 16 and 19 degrees with a Suggested Retail Price of $139.99 in steel and $159.99 in graphite.

Burrows Wedges

  • Burrows Golf introduced the M.A.C. Composite TourBounce Wedge Series. The wedges feature Burrow’s patented Powersphere technology that redirects the energy wave created by ball impact. This feature in combination with a layered composite of stainless steel, and two different copper alloys results in an increased launch angle with less backspin producing more controllable shots from a variety of lies. The wedges are available in lofts of 52, 53, 56, and 60 degrees. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $125 each.

Nike Wedges

  • Nike Golf presents the CPR wedges. CPR stands for Clubs for Prevention of Recovery. The cavity back wedges are geared for game improvement and feature a two-level sole design offers shot-making options and excellent performance, whether you’re playing from the sand, the rough or the fairway. The wedges are available in lofts of 52, 56, and 60 degree. The wedges are available in steel shafts with a suggested retail price of $109 each.

Traditional Wedges

  • Traditional Golf Equipment, Inc. introduces the new Tour Series Wedges. The wedges are made and forged from a patented copper/zinc alloy and feature a CNC machine milled face insert for extremely soft feel. The wedges are available in the following lofts: 52 (A), 56 (S), and 60 (L) degrees with standard with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts and Traditional grips by Lamkin. The Tour Series Wedges are totally customizable with loft, lie, and bounce angles. The Tour Series Wedges are available directly from the manufacturer for $150 each.

Nickent Driver

  • Nickent Golf presents the Genex Trimax 460 Forged Titanium Driver. The driver features a four piece construction forged titanium head design engineered with the maximum legal COR (.830), maximum legal size (460cc), and maximum effective hitting area. The new driver available in seven different lofts (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 degrees) . The driver features a combination of a hot clubface and a center-of-gravity that is positioned low and back from the clubface deigned to make it easy to get the ball airborne while reducing the tendency for the clubhead to twist on off-centre hits. The standard shaft offering for the Genex Trimax 460 is the SpeedRated™ 55 Shaft System with a length of 46 inches. The shaft weighs only 55 grams in weight, and delivers an increased level of torsional stability, essential for obtaining consistency with oversize clubheads. The standard grip offering is the Winn 17 grip. Custom shaft and grip offering are available. The Genex Trimax 460 Forged Titanium Driver has a suggested retail price of $289 each.

Gauge Design Grips

  • Gauge Design Golf, maker of high quality USA-milled putters, recently introduced a new line of putter grips called “Bright GripsTM”. Gauge Design started first introduced these grips in Japan and had great response from retailers and consumers. The new grips are available in red, yellow, blue, white, and black. Additional color and a new patented silicone material will be available in the next few months. The new grip is currently being played by Gauge Design’s tour professionals including on the LPGA by Laurel Kean. The Bright GripsTM from Gauge Design Golf are currently available online for $7.99 each.

King Cobra Drivers

  • Cobra Golf introduces the King Cobra COMP line of drivers. The new line features an ultra-lightweight, carbon composite top, combined with a milled rhombus oval face insert and dual weighting system. The line consists of 3 different models: the 454 COMP, 414 COMP and 414 COMP TOUR. The benefit of Cobra’s composite top technology is that the lightweight composite crown replaces the heavier titanium crown. This allows for larger face areas and head sizes, as well as optimal low and back weighting in the Dual Weighting System (DWS), for higher launch angles and greater carry distance across all nine hot points of the club face. The 454 and 414 COMP drivers feature custom ultra lightweight 45 gram Mitsubishi Rayon shafts to promote higher swing speeds for greater carry distance. This new shaft design promotes increased accuracy and feel via a uniquely constructed low resin/high carbon fiber content design. The King Cobra 414 COMP TOUR features a custom Fujikura Vista Pro 65 shaft for tour type performance. Currently available with a suggested retail price of $450 each.

Dunlop Golf Balls

  • Dunlop Golf introduces the ball played on tour by John Daly. The LoCo Pro, designed specifically to meet the needs of Long John, offers increased distance off of the tee and the soft feel necessary for control on approach shots into and around the green. The three-piece 432-dimple pattern LoCo Pro, boasts a firm compression Polybutadiene core and DuPontTM Ionomer mantle, which combine to create high initial velocity with low spin off of the tee. On short and mid iron shots the mantle and thin soft urethane cover combine to provide golfers with increased green holding spin. Also introduced is a version of the LoCo Pro designed for moderate swing speeds. The LoCo Pro HT is a three-piece solid urethane ball designed for low handicap players with moderate swing speeds. The LoCo Pro HT is engineered to maximize energy transfer from the driver, giving a high trajectory (HT) launch with low spin off of the tee, but soft feel and control on approach shots. LoCo Pro HT features a unique and patented low count 272-dimple pattern designed to get the ball in the air quickly and provide additional carry for moderate swing speeds. The reduced compression Polybutadiene core and thin urethane cover deliver check and feel around the greens. The LoCo Pro and LoCo Pro HT are currently available with a suggested retail price of $29.99 per dozen.

Titleist by Scotty Cameron Putters

  • Scotty Cameron recently introduced a new putter line. The Red X line of putters feature traditional mallet shapes. The putter are made from a high quality milled stainless steel body with a soft face insert made from precision milled German Stainless Steel and supported by a vibration absorbing soft elastomer material. Two models are available. The Red X has a simple, clean and compact profile with a refined single bend shaft that provides a clear unobstructed view of the ball at set-up. The Red X2 features a straight in center shaft with three red dots on the topline behind the shaft that assist in proper alignment. The Red X putters is available in stock lengths of 33, 34 and 35 inches in right hand. The Red X model is available in left hand while the Red X2 models are available in right hand only. The Red X putters are currently available with suggested retail pricing of $285 each.

Innovex RLS Irons

  • Innovex Golf introduces the new Revolutionary Loft System (RLS) irons, a set that was designed to allow golfers to be more distance accurate from a widerrange of distances. This is accomplished through the irons loft setupfeaturing a 5° gap between the longer irons and a 4° gap between the scoring irons. This allows for a more consistent distance progression through the set and greater accuracy in the short irons and wedges. The RLS irons come in an 11-piece set that includes five wedges. The irons are made from soft 431 stainless steel offering a solid feel and lie and loft adjustability. The mid-size, cast cavity-back design provides an extremely stable clubhead while the additional mass of weight behind the face helps maintain feel. The irons have a moderate offset progression to produce a higher trajectory in the long irons and a more penetrating ball flight in the wedges. The irons are available on a "per club" basis with the price for an individual Innovex RLS iron with standard shafts set at a suggested retail price of $62.50 each. The standard shaft selection includes the AccuFLEX shaft, True Temper Dynamic Gold, TX90, Harrison Professional, and Harrison Star Plus Graphite. The upgraded shaft is the Harrison Striper Ti, which sells for a suggested retail price of $75.00 per club. Also, there is never an up-charge for grips - Innovex grip by Lamkin, Crossline, G3, G3 Quartercord, Permawrap Classic, and Winn Excel XF are all available at no additional charge.

Ping Doc17 Putter

  • Ping Golf recently introduced the new Doc17 putter featuring a high moment of inertia (MOI) and oversize design. The putter measures 17.02 centimeters (6.7 inches) from heel to toe and is fully machined from high-grade aluminum, creating precision lines and weight placement that expands perimeter weighting to new levels. The semicircle shape of the Doc17 positions the majority of weight on the extreme perimeter and far away from the center of gravity to create the high moment of inertia. The result is that the high MOI helps get the ball rolling sooner and straighter for more consistent putts. The Doc17 also features a thick topline and perpendicular cavity bar that helps golfers square the putter to the intended line. The precision milling of the cavity features also creates crisp, symmetric lines that further aid in alignment. The aluminum body weighs approximately 350 grams and has a electroless nickel-plated finish that creates a unique appearance with reduced glare. The Doc17 can be built to your preferred length and calibrated to one of five color codes with lie angles ranging from 2° upright to 2° flat. It comes standard with a light green Winn AVS grip.  Available later this month with a suggested retail price of $220 each.

Eidolon Wedges

  • Eidolon Golf offers the V-SOLE™ wedges incorporating patented technology that utilizes two distinct bounce angles in the sole, a feature that makes each wedge more versatile than conventional wedges that only have a single bounce angle. The wedges are available in 52, 56 and 60 degree lofts. The heads are precision cast from mild 8620 carbon steel and feature CNC-milled faces and grooves. The heads are satin polished to prevent glare and plated, first with two layers of nickel for a soft surface feel, and then chrome so that it won't rust. Eidolon's standard shaft is the Rifle® Spinner® by Precision®, available in Regular and Firm flexes, and two grips are offered, the Royal® Perf Wrap and Classic V Comfort Cord. Eidolon Golf backs up its wedges with a unique "Satisfaction Guarantee". Any customer that doesn’t think his new Eidolon wedge is the best he could have chosen can return the wedge to the company and they'll replace it with whatever competing product the customer wants. Additionally, the company offers a Lifetime Warranty on the wedges. The company will repair or replace any Eidolon product for the life of the original registered owner. The V-SOLE™ wedges are currently available with manufacturer direct pricing of $119 each and $109 each with purchase of three or more.

Birdieball Practice Ball

  • The Birdieball is a limited flight practice golf ball that feels and flies like a real golf ball. The limited flight practice golf ball resembles a dinner napkin ring and is made from a durable super polymer. It spins similarly to a golf ball and flies like one but for a shorter distance. Birdieballs fly about 40 yards on average. The Birdieball is capable of hitting draws and fades. The non-dimpled surface as well as the straight sides resists flight. The radius on the leading edge and the aerodynamic hole through the center encourages flight and lift. The oscillation between the two as it rotates from air brake to airfoil makes the turbine sound. The lifting aspects help it hang in the air; the braking aspects reduce the distance it travels. The combination of the two makes it a short flight, long hang-time device. Individual BirdieBalls are available for $1.99 each with a dozen box available for $16.99.

TaylorMade Driver

  • TaylorMade Golf has introduced the r7 quad, a new driver featuring TaylorMade Launch Control (TLC) technology. The TLC feature gives golfers the ability to change the driver's launch conditions by redistributing 24 grams of discretionary weight in a variety of ways. The driver is capable of six different launch conditions, allowing the golfers to choose the one that generates maximum distance, accuracy and workability. The design features a system of four ports, called TLC ports, which are located in the sole of the clubhead. For each port there are differently weighted cartridges, called TLC cartridges, which can easily be installed in the TLC ports and removed again. Installing different-weighted TLC cartridges in different configurations in the TLC ports effectively shifts the center of gravity (CG) toward the front or the back or toward the heel or the toe. Each CG location delivers a new set of launch conditions based upon the golfer’s personal performance needs. The range of launch conditions that the r7 quad is capable of delivering permits it to promote six trajectory types that can help the player to hit the ball higher or lower, and at the same time provides biases that will help low- and mid-handicap players to work the ball to the right or to the left by varying degrees up to ten yards. r7 quad TLC cartridges weigh 10 grams and 2 grams. The 10-gram TLC cartridges are made primarily of tungsten; the 2-gram TLC cartridges are made entirely of titanium. The r7 quad comes with two 2-gram cartridges and two 10-gram cartridges. Positioning the TLC ports near the clubhead's perimeter creates the additional benefit of increased MOI, making the r7 quad's 400cc clubhead more stable and forgiving on mis-hits, regardless of how the TLC cartridges are configured. The r7 quad is available in lofts of 7.5, 8.5, 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $600.00 each with availability in mid June.

La Jolla Fairway Wood

  • La Jolla Club recently updated its popular Knife line of fairway woods with the introduction of the Tour Knife series. The original Knife fairway wood features three blade-like rails that protrude from the sole for stabilization through impact. The new Tour Knife fairway woods still feature the three blades but they have been reduced in size by 40% from the original. They also include a 25-gram tungsten plug inserted into the back of the head to produce a more boring trajectory. As with the original Knife, the design of the Tour Knife is intended to provide increase stability, accuracy, and distance in a variety of shot-making conditions. The two outside blades act as outriggers, stabilizing the club head through the swing, even through twist-producing rough. The center blade acts as a rudder for straightness. The Tour Knife is available in a 2 (12-degree), 3 (15-degree), 4 (17-degree) and 5 (20-degree) wood. It features a Harrison Striper J shaft and Victory Tour Velvet Grip. Currently available with a suggested retail price of $199 each for graphite.

Ben Hogan Golf Ball

  • Ben Hogan introduces “The Hawk” golf ball. The Hawk was Ben Hogan’s nickname when he was playing. The new golf ball features a 70 compression three-piece design with a large core, inner cover designed to reduce driver spin, and a durable ultra thin urethane talon cover for control and increased spin. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $38.00 per dozen.

Gauge Design Putter

  • Gauge Design recently introduced its latest putter, the J-SPEC. The putter, designed by David Whitlam, features a head design with the upper section is made from a heavy stainless steel which elevates the club’s center of gravity to promote top spin and get the ball rolling quicker. The lower section is made from lightweight aerospace grade aluminum and is milled to precise tolerances. The head weight of the new J-SPEC putter is 355 grams. The putter has been used this year by touring professional Shingo Katayama. Suggested retail price is $325 each.

Slazenger Golf Ball

  • Slazenger Golf introduces its latest golf ball, the MONEY. The new golf ball is a low compression two-piece design featuring a soft core and soft feel. Instead of traditional numbers stamped on the golf ball, instead each has a dollar symbol ($). The No. 1 ball is $, the No. 2 ball is $$, and so forth. The Slazenger Money is available in dozen box sets with a unique green packaging that looks like U.S. currency and features signatures from the "Treasurer of Distance" and the "Secretary of Feel." Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $19.95 per dozen.

Ben Hogan Hybrids

  • Ben Hogan Golf introduces the Edge CFTh set of hybrid irons. The new utility woods were designed as an extension of the popular Edge CFT irons and feature two-piece construction with a stainless steel frame and Compression Forged Titanium face. The lightweight face moves weight from the club face to the sole and perimeter areas of the club head for increased forgiveness and playability. The club head design features a very low center of gravity to get the ball in the air with great ease as compared to standard long irons. The length of the clubs is longer than a typical long iron for added distance but shorter than a typical fairway wood for increased control. The clubs feature the popular BEN HOGAN ‘Speed Slot” in the toe of the club that provides reduced drag for improved club head speed and increased ability to square up the club face to the target. The hybrids are available in Men’s Right Hand Steel and Graphite #1h - #5h and Men’s Left Hand Steel and Graphite #2h - #5h, with custom options in shaft type, length, and flex. Currently available with a suggested retail price of $120 each for steel and $150 each for graphite.

Feel Grips

  • Feel Golf recently introduced the Full Release Grip. The new grip basically looks like a grip that has been put on upside down featuring a reverse taper design. It was designed to promote a correct grip, allowing the left hand portion of the grip to be carried loosely in the fingers because the grip diameter is much smaller in the left hand than traditional grips. The grip can loosely be held by the fingers of the right hand due to the grip's larger diameter at the bottom of the grip as compared with traditional grips. With this patented TaperTip Technology, the grip is intended to fit comfortably and naturally in one's hands, thereby reducing the hand and wrist tension and increasing club control. The result is a proper release through impact. The grip comes in the Cross Line and Tour Wrap styles and fits on all standard shafts. Pricing for a set of 13 grips is $99.95 plus shipping.

Precept Golf Ball

  • Precept Golf introduces its latest golf ball, the PWRDrive, a three-piece distance ball. Precept golf balls are manufactured by Bridgestone. The engineers at Bridgestone found that the elastomer polymer science used for Grand Prix racing tires could also be applied to golf balls. The dynamic response created by a tire when it contacts the road is very similar to a golf ball contacting the clubhead. With the new ball, an inner cover third layer was added to reduce side spin and increase the ball’s initial velocity, allowing Precept to utilize a softer core that has more pure rubber and a soft Surlyn outer cover without sacrificing distance. In addition, the combination of these three layers creates a soft golf ball that stays on the clubface longer for a higher launch angle. The higher launch angle, lower spin rate and increased initial velocity create an ideal combination for longer, straighter golf shots. Finally, the PWRDrive comes equipped with a 432-single-dimple soft Surlyn outer cover. This cover gives the PWRDrive imcreased feel for a distance golf ball. Manufacturer's suggested retail price is $38 per dozen and street price of $24.95 per dozen.

TaylorMade Rescue Fairway Woods

  • The recently introduced Rescue Fairway from TaylorMade Golf is engineered to combine a high launch angle with high spin-rate and produce high, long-carrying, and fast-stopping shots. The new woods feature the same Pull-Face steel construction and low profile employed in the Rescue Mid. The Rescue Fairway's clubhead is a little longer from front to back than the Rescue Mid and has a wider clubface. These differences create a very deep and low center of gravity location that makes the Rescue Fairway easy to launch, and which adds forgiveness, particularly toward the toe and heel. The woods moderate offset enhances the player's ability to square the clubface to the ball and contributes to a high-yet-penetrating flight as well as solid contact and extreme accuracy. Meanwhile, the distance-enhancing elements of the Rescue Fairway allowed TaylorMade engineers to make these clubs one half-inch shorter than conventional fairway woods, resulting in increased clubhead control that promotes additional accuracy. The Rescue Fairway also shares the Rescue Mid's double sole design, which reduces the amount of sole area that contacts the turf, resulting in less resistance at impact, promoting solid contact. The double sole is also generously cambered from toe to heel, easing playability from all types of lies. The Rescue Fairway is available with TaylorMade's new MAS2 55 graphite shaft and Light Metal 2 steel shaft. The MAS2 55 is engineered with a soft tip to increase launch angle and spin-rate. At 55 grams, it's one of the lightest fairway wood shafts that TaylorMade has ever used. For players that prefer steel, the Light Metal 2, delivers improved launch conditions in a steel shaft. The Rescue Fairways are available in four models: 3 (15 degrees), 5 (18 degrees), 7 (21 degrees) and 9 (25 degrees). Manufacturer's suggested retail price per club is $249/graphite, $199/steel.

Nickent Irons

  • Nickent Golf calls the new Genex 3DX Oversize set the smart set - combining tour-tested iron-woods along with Genex's innovative "Three Dimension Extreme" weighting in the matching mid and short irons. Conceptually structured more like a fairway wood than a conventional iron, the 3DX irons feature a lowered center of gravity that make them easier to hit and more stable at impact, with an increased launch angle, a better spin rate, and a higher trajectory, so that the ball virtually drops and stops when it hits the green.. The irons feature their proprietary 3-D Weighting System which works by moving weight in three directions - lower, deeper (back from the clubface) and more towards the heel of each clubhead. This back-weighted design produces a center-of-gravity that closely matches the CG of a lofted fairway wood. By positioning more mass in the visible weight pads at the rear of the clubhead, each individual 3DX iron is fine-tuned to provide optimal launch angle and trajectory for its specific loft. Benefits include a higher launch, improved stability, and increased directional control. Genex 3DX irons are available in two set configurations - Mens #3-PW (#3, #4 hybrid ironwood, #5-PW hybrid iron), Ladies #4-SW (#4, #5 hybrid ironwood, #6-SW hybrid iron). Suggested retail prices are $699 for graphite and $599 for steel shafts. The individual ironwoods are available at $149 graphite and $109 steel.

Titleist Forged Irons

  • Titleist introduces the Forged Stainless 704.CB irons. This is a high performance, mid size, cavity back blade iron that provides a good balance between forgiveness and shot making. The midsize blade and high volume cavity provide playability, while the traditional offset provides shot and trajectory control. The 704.CB is targeted at those players looking for contemporary blade iron performance with outstanding forged feel. Designed to produce an optimum ball flight, the sole width and inner cavity muscle of the 704.CB irons provide a lower center of gravity in the long irons, making them easier to hit. The standard loft specifications, progressive offset and consistent spin performance provide a traditional and controllable trajectory in the mid- and short irons. The 704.CB irons are available stock with True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts and Titleist Victory Velvet full cord round grips. Suggested Retail Price is $899 for a set of 8 irons and availability is April 2004.
  • Titleist also introduces the Forged Stainless 804.OS. This is a high performance, oversize iron with offset that provides game enhancement features in a traditional blade shape. The face area of the 804.OS is 3 percent larger than the new 704.CB. Its larger, higher volume back cavity provides outstanding forgiveness and playability. Enhanced offset specifications provide an easy to square face, and higher, straighter ball flight. The 804.OS is the most forgiving iron in the Titleist family. Designed for golfers that need or prefer oversize and offset performance with outstanding forged feel. The 804.OS features a shallower heel profile, rounded topline, and traditional blade-to-hosel junction to create a soft and attractive appearance in the playing position. The thicker topline width provides added confidence, proportionate to the larger head size. A wider sole, shorter hosel length and enhanced offset produce higher flying long irons. The traditional blade shape, progressive offset and stronger loft specifications provide for both length and control in the mid and short irons. The 804.OS irons are available with the lightweight NS Pro 970 steel shaft or the Titleist 3980 graphite shaft, and Titleist Victory Velvet Rubber grips. Suggested Retail Price for a set of eight irons is $899 in steel, and $1,080 with graphite and availability is April 2004.

Maxfli Golf Ball

  • TaylorMade Adidas Golf recently announced the new-and-improved Maxfli Noodle golf ball with improved distance and same soft feel. Testing performed by the company claims that the new-and-improved Noodle can deliver up to seven more yards than the original. The new Noodle employs a new core-creation method that results in a soft-feeling, low-compression core that delivers the kind of high velocity off the clubface that is normally associated with a high-compression core. Additionally the new Noodle's dimple pattern and cover work in conjunction with the improved core to promote a high launch angle and low spin-rate off the driver, optimizing carry and roll to promote additional distance. Finally, the new Noodle's soft, copolymer cover blend combines an increased soft feel with improved durability. The new Noodle is distinguished by the original with new markings on the ball and packaging.

Nike Mixed Set

  • Nike Golf recently introduced the CPR Mixed Set. The set features a 22-degree and a 26-degree CPR Wood and a cavity back 5-iron through a cavity back pitching wedge. The CPR Woods’ scoop-back design remains the same as their original ones, creating a low and deep center of gravity that facilitates getting the ball airborne. They can be played off the tee, from the rough or from a tight fairway lie. The CPR Woods come standard with a soft tip profile, lightweight (70 gram) graphite shaft in an R-flex. The CPR Irons feature a wide sole and a low-slung cavity pad creating a low center of gravity. The heads are made of a durable 17-4 stainless steel and are progressively offset. The CPR Irons come standard with a soft tip profile, lightweight (110 gram) steel shaft in a Uniflex. Suggested Retail Price for the set is $599 and they are currently available.

TaylorMade Irons

  • TaylorMade Golf recently introduced the rac CGB irons. The new irons are the latest in the rac family. The rac CGB stands for "Center of Gravity Back," and features a low and deep center of gravity that provides a combination of distance, control and forgiveness. The irons feature pull-face construction with a clubface made from a high strength C455 stainless steel and milled on both sides. The lightweight and extremely thin clubface is made separately and allowed the designers to reposition 13 grams of weight back and low in the clubhead. The irons also incorporate a patent-pending hollow top-line across the top of the clubhead from the hosel to the toe, creating a deep hollow cavity that allowed the designers to reposition an additional 13 grams from the top of the clubhead. The irons feature a Performance Cartridge, comprised of tungsten-loaded, high-density urethane and five metal inset rods precisely positioned to centralize weight in the clubhead and concentrating mass behind the hitting area to promote power. Simultaneously, the CGB’s Performance Cartridge further contributes to the deep-back center of gravity position, making the irons easy to launch. Finally the irons feature rac Technology, distinguished by two Feel Pockets, milled directly into the cavity, that help to channel impact energy to strategic areas of the clubhead, promoting increased feel. Because the rac CGB's face is extraordinarily thin, the Feel Pockets of the rac CGB vibrate more freely, further enhancing feel. The rac CGB irons have a large, deep back cavity and tall clubface, both contributing to an high MOI, providing increased forgiveness. Suggested retail price is $1,250 (steel) and $1,500 (graphite) in 3-PW set.

Thomas Irons

  • Thomas Golf recently introduced the AT-602 irons that feature their patented aim and alignment technology. The technology is designed to increase accuracy by use of an alignment system on the topline of the club head. The irons are a player’s cavity back design with a smaller head and concentrated mass. The design has minimal offset of 1.5mm and the compact head is cast from soft 304 stainless steel. The standard shaft offerings for the AT-602 irons are the True Temper Dynamic Gold Sensicore, TT Lite XL steel shafts, and Thomas graphite shafts. Internet pricing for the irons is $472 for 3-PW in Sensicore steel and Thomas graphite and $408 for 3-PW in TT Lite XL. Matching gap, sand, and lob wedges are also available.

MacGregor Woods and Irons

  • MacGregor Golf recently introduced a new line of drivers and fairway woods call the V-FOIL Eye-O-Matic. The name comes from one of their first persimmon woods that debuted back in 1960.  The woods feature an alignment “eye” on the club face with MacGregor’s V-FOIL technology.  The low center of gravity and perimeter weighting of the V-FOIL technology enables high launch and increased forgiveness. The driver is available in two models: the M38 (8.5º, 9.5º and 10.5º lofts) offers a 380cc emphasizing a balance of forgiveness and control, and the M42 (9º, 10º and 11º lofts) features a 420cc head for higher MOI and greater face surface area for increased forgiveness. The driver features a Graphite Design YS-6.1 shaft, optimized exclusively for Eye-O-Matic, with other custom shafts available.   Suggested retail price for the drivers are $349.99 each and matching fairway woods are $239.99 each.  Also introduced is a new game improvement iron.
  • The V-FOIL M455 irons feature an extremely deep, low center of gravity that helps get the ball airborne quickly. The large effective hitting area helps deliver greater forgiveness. The face thickness and composition of the club heads transitions from long irons to short irons. From #3-iron to #6-iron, the face is forged from a very thin maraging 455 stainless steel for maximum forgiveness and hot ball response. >From #7-iron to pitching wedge, the club heads are forged from 1045 soft carbon steel for increased feel and distance control. Each iron is forged hosel through the toe, with the V-FOIL weighting welded on the back.  The irons are finished with a three-step process of copper / nickel / chrome plating for unmatched elegance and durability.  Suggested retail price is $699.99 (steel) and $799.99 (graphite).

Sonartec Fairway Wood

  • Sonartec Golf introduced the SS-07 line of fairway woods last year.  The main feature of the new SS-07 is an adjustable hosel that allows custom club fitters to adjust the lie and loft 2-degrees in any direction. The SS-07 ClubFit Series will give a select number of club fitters the opportunity to receive SS-07 component heads. For the first time, professional club fitters have access to a high-end, Tour-proven club head made expressly for the club fitter market. The SS-07 is available in 3, 4, 5, and 7 woods. Retail prices for the SS-07 will vary depending on the shaft chosen by the club fitter, but the SS-07 should sell for between $300 and $400.  Over 75 players used Sonartec Driving Cavity clubs on the PGA Tour in 2003.  The patented Driving Cavity design positions the Center of Gravity deep within the club head to widen the sweet spot and raises the Center of Gravity, creating a penetrating, boring ball trajectory.

Dunlop RG Designs Players irons

  • Dunlop Golf introduced the RG Designs Players irons. These are the clubs that John Daly used in his recent win.  The new irons are muscleback tour blades designed for maximum workability, providing higher skilled players with the ability to hit a wide range of shots. The irons feature 304 soft stainless steel heads with milled faces that have CNC grooves and hard chrome plating for increased feel, greater control and longer durability. The RG Designs Players blades will be available in early spring with a suggested retail price of $599.99 for 3-PW set.

Cleveland CG10 Wedge

  • Cleveland Golf recently introduced the CG10 wedge. The new wedge is made from a material known as Carbon Metal Matrix™. The new material is said to offer significant improvements in the areas of feel and performance. Microscopic carbon spheres suspended within the material help create a matrix material that is 10% less dense and 15% softer than traditional carbon steel used in cast and forged club heads.  The CG10 is available with a satin chrome finish with loft options of 52°, 54°, 56° and 60°. The 52° wedge is available with a standard bounce while all other lofts are available with three bounce options. Suggested Retail Price is $141 each.

Ping CRAZ-E Putter

  • Ping Golf recently unveiled its entry into the oversize extreme weighting putter category with the CRAZ-E. The new putter is the latest addition to the G2i family and features a geometric shape for increased inertia and easy alignment. The putter also features a blue urethane full-face insert that provides a soft and responsive feel. The head weighs 348 grams and is designed with a center of gravity that is very low and away from the face. This is said to assist in getting the ball rolling quicker enabling more consistent putts. The head has strategically placed weight near the heel, toe, and rear of the putter to create an extremely high moment of inertia for increased accuracy and consistency. The putter has a unique alignment aid that features crescent shapes and an extra-long sight line that contrasts with the blue urethane inserts to create a visual aid that helps square up the face and move the putter along the intended target line. The CRAZ-E will be available Feb 16th with a suggested retail price of $160.

Inside Approach Training Aid

  • The Inside Approach is a new training aid that identifies swing path faults and teaches the proper plane in which to swing the golf club. The training aid features a cylindrical-shaped cushion that is attached to a stand. The cushion hovers directly over the ball, along the intended target line and corrects swing paths that are over-the-top of the swing plane (which produce slices, pulls and pop ups) and swing paths that are too far from the inside or underneath the plane (which produce pushes and hooks). A key selling point is that it provides immediate feedback on one’s swing. The company offers a six-swing guarantee that your swing path will be corrected. The Inside Approach costs $79.98, plus shipping and handling and can be ordered online at www.InsideApproach.com.

Nike Ignite Driver

  • Nike Golf just introduced their latest driver called the Ignite. The new driver is the consumer release of the prototype driver that Tiger Woods used to win the WGC-American Express Championship in October. While Woods' prototype driver was 340cc in size, the two consumer models will come in at 410cc and 460cc. The driver features a new material referred to by Nike as NexTi . The titanium-based alloy is a layered yet tightly compressed metal that is thinner, lighter, and stronger than Beta-Titanium. Additionally, the NexTi material can be bent, shaped and formed unlike previous forms of titanium. Nike has used this property of the new material to create a head design element referred to as Around the Crown construction. Here the face actually
    wraps over the top line of the club head. This allows an even larger effective hitting area (i.e. more forgiving) than traditional titanium heads. Available April 1, 2004 with a Suggested Retail Price of $469

Dunlop Putters

  • Dunlop Golf recently introduced its new Redneck Putters. The putters feature a red anodized aluminum milled hosel (i.e., neck) giving them a unique appearance and their name. The ultra lightweight aluminum hosel helps keep the weight more evenly distributed throughout the putter, positioning the sweet spot in the center of the face. Standard putters with heavier hosels tend to be “heel-weighted” causing pushed or pulled putts on all but the best strokes. The putters are also finished with a platinum champagne plate that adds to their distinctive looks. The red hosel also softens the impact of the stroke on the ball resulting in increased feel. The putter head is 100% CNC milled from a forged block of 8620 soft carbon steel. The Redneck Putters are available in seven different models: Lurch, Airhead, Bubba, Kelsey, Wilbur, Breda and Doublewide. Each Redneck Putter comes with a bright red premium Winn grip as well. Suggested retail price is $129 each.

Maxfli Golf Balls

  • Maxfli Golf brings back a popular name to their golf ball lineup with the introduction of the Revolution EXT golf ball. The two-piece design ball is targeted toward golfers looking for distance with enhanced feel and spin. The Revolution EXT features a high-velocity core for maximum distance and a soft ionomer cover for the ultimate in control and feel. The ball’s 442 dimple pattern provides a high trajectory and maximum carry. Suggested Retail Price is set at about $25 per dozen.

Callaway Golf Balls

  • Callaway Golf continues its revamping of their golf ball lineup with the introduction of the Big Bertha golf balls. The Big Bertha golf balls are two-piece design featuring Callaway’s patented HEX dimples. The dimples are design to reduce drag at the ball’s takeoff and increase lift near the end of the ball’s flight for increased distance. The new golf balls have relatively soft and lively low-compression cores. They will feature Callaway’s Old English Callaway Golf logo and chevron. The Big Bertha line comes in two models: The Big Bertha Red golf ball is a soft-feel distance ball, designed with a cover and core composition calibrated for more distance while still delivering responsive feel; the Big Bertha Blue golf ball is a combination of distance feel and spin, with higher compression and a softer cover fine-tuned to deliver complete performance. Suggested Retail Price is set at $25 per dozen.

Mitchell Data Club

  • Mitchell Golf introduces a club made to precise specifications that will allow users of Mitchel™l loft and lie machines to confirm the accuracy of their measurements. Known as a “Data Club”, the iron is built to specific measurements so that a repair specialist can use the club to confirm his own finding and to determine his machine accuracy. The Mitchell™ Data Club can be used to check six key club specifications. The face of the club has a single score line to allow it to fit into a Mitchell™ angle machine precisely. Once registered in the machine, the lie and loft of the club can be measured and compared to machine readings. The length of the Data Club allows it to be used as a confirmation for the measuring method now being used by the repair professional. The club will be built to a specific frequency with a steel shaft, making it useful as a calibration club for frequency machines such as the Mitchell™ Digiflex. The Data Club will have a specific swingweight as well, permitting users to check the accuracy of the swingweight scale with which they are currently working. The grip will be precisely sized to the Data Club, providing another checkpoint for its user.

Mitchell Putters

  • Mitchell Golf introduces the new Brass Cup line of putters. The putters are milled from a solid one-piece 6061 aluminum block and offer a unique alignment system and center of gravity. The insert is milled from 360 grade brass, mated to the putter heads and milled a second time to provide the flattest putting face possible. Designed through state-of-the-art CAD programming, the putter is 100% USA designed, manufactured and assembled. The mallet style of the Brass Cup moves the center of gravity rearward, away from the face. Such a CG position has been proven to yield a smoother roll for most players. The shape of the Brass Cup promotes a consistent stroke, leading to more accurate results. A key element in the design of the Brass Cup is a milled alignment cavity in the crown of the putter. This milled cavity is designed to be the identical width of a golf ball (1.680”) to promote consistent ball position in relation to putter face at address. The cavity also features a series of sight lines to ensure accurate aiming as the player addresses the ball. Alignment is further enhanced through the brass insert in the face of the putter. The Thru-Face Insert (TFI) highlights the sound and feel of the putter due to its design extending completely through the face of the putter. Available in both right and left hand models with choice of black or clear anodized finish. The Mitchell Brass Cup putters have a suggested retail price of $239 each.

Adams Fairway Woods

  • Adams Golf announces their latest fairway wood line call the Ovation. The new fairway woods are made from stainless steel and feature a low vertical center of gravity (630 VCG) that makes it easy to get the ball airborne. A low spin and high launch angle provide increased distance. The club’s high moment-of-inertia (MOI) provides forgiveness on off-center hits and the Tight Lies sole design makes the Ovation easy to hit from any lie. The Ovation line was designed by Adams incorporating launch monitor and 3-D modeling technology. Four models are available: Men's Standard, Men's Offset, Senior and Women's. The fairway woods come standard with an exclusive Aldila graphite shaft that is specifically designed to provide high launch conditions for fairway woods and leverages the tour success of Aldila's NV shaft. Suggest retail pricing is set at $199.99 each.