Miura PP-9003 Straight Neck Irons

Miura PP-9003 Straight Neck Irons

July 24, 2015  |  Gear, Reviews

We have owned several sets of Miura irons over the years and from day one have been fascinated with the mystique and aura surrounding the company and have always been impressed with the legendary feel of their forged irons. Our connection with Miura goes back several years first meeting Vice President Bill Holowaty over 10 years ago. Bill provided us the privilege of interviewing Mr. Katsuhiro Miura back in 2005 and we quickly realized the passion behind the brand and the genuine desire to create golf clubs that allow golfers to experience the best the game has to offer. Miura is to be commended over the past several years for rounding out their product offerings for every type of golfer and doing so on their own timeline – introducing a new product only when it was ready and the time is right. In 2011, Miura introduced the Passing Point (PP) 9003 irons targeted toward golfers that require additional forgiveness but still desire the soft forged feel that all of the Miura irons deliver. We liked several of the design features of the PP-9003 irons including the wider sole for better turf interaction and the slightly larger clubhead with perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness and confidence. The offset on the original PP-9003 irons were more than we personally cared for but they definitely served a segment of the market that would benefit from that amount of offset. However, they were easy to hit and produced consistent results. We were excited when Miura followed these up with the PP-9003 Straight Neck (SN) model. The less offset version was introduced with little fanfare but made some noise in the media when professional Ryan Moore played them on the PGA Tour for a better part of a year while playing some of his best golf. When the PP-9003 SN irons arrived we were first struck by the clean lines throughout the head, especially where the hosel meets the clubhead. The flow from the hosel into the topline of the clubhead is a smooth subtle transition producing a classic look at address. We feel this is one of Miura’s most underrated irons they produce. The feel is incredible and is often hard to describe to those that have never played a Miura iron. A well struck shot produces a nice sounding click off the face that feels effortless. We experienced no issues in adjusting to the irons as we were able to get the PP-9003 SN irons dialed in quickly. The lofts are the strongest of any of the Miura irons and this resulted in increased distance of up to a 1/2 club throughout the set. The adjustment was easy though and the clubs produced consistent results with good swings. We chose Pure Grips for these irons and were very impressed with their grip and durability in a wide range of playing conditions. The Miura PP-9003 SN irons are currently available through Miura’s authorized dealers for $2,000.00 for 3-PW or $250.00 per iron. While these are on the more expensive end of irons available today, we believe you will not be disappointed in the benefits gained by owning a set of Miura irons. The Miura PP-9003 SN irons, with great distance, consistent accuracy, and soft forged feel might be the perfect set of irons for a low to mid handicap golfer that doesn’t get to practice as often as they would like and prefers an iron with minimal offset yet one that is very playable. Learn more about the PP-9003 SN irons and Miura’s complete line of product offerings at MiuraGolf.com. Learn more about Pure Grips at PureGrips.com.

Regular (top) and Straight Neck (bottom)

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