About Equip2Golf

Founded by engineer Gary Mayes in 1998, Equip2Golf is a golf multi-media, testing, and consulting company that publishes Equip2Golf.com. Gary Mayes has worked in the advanced research, development, acquisition and transition of defense technology over the past 30 years. Trained and educated as an electrical and computer engineer, he began working as a engineer where he developed and tested software for military training systems. Over his career he has focused his research on computer systems, simulations, process improvement, communications and information security technology while overseeing a broad range of research from materials science to sensor systems. Fueled by a career in advanced technology, software development skills and a keen interest in golf, he founded Equip2Golf, Inc. in 1998 to track technology developments and new products within the golf industry. This resulted in the development of Equip2Golf.com where he publishes commentary on golf essentials including equipment, technology, fitness, travel, and apparel. He currently serves as President of the company where he has conducted scientific-based testing and assessments on the full range of golf equipment and technology. He began testing golf balls in 1999 to understand and quantify their differences. His research led to the granting of U.S. Patent 7,918,751, Method of Rating Golf Balls. The patent provide a testing and rating method to obtain performance data on golf balls in a manner that will assist golfers in selecting a golf ball that meets their specific swing profile, equipment, feel and price criteria. In 2006, he co-founded GBT Technologies, LLC where he currently is a Partner serving as the Chief Technologist. Gary holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Tennessee Tech University.

For additional inquires, please contact Gary Mayes at gary (at) Equip2Golf (dot) com