SuperStroke Putters by Bruce Sizemore

February 1, 2012  |  Golf Shows, Videos

Company: SuperStroke Putters by Bruce Sizemore
Need to Know: Bruce Sizemore is the Chief Designer and Director of Product Development for SuperStroke Golf; Sizemore’s putter designs are pure art with great attention to detail utilizing various metals; The DCF-27 series of production putters incorporate a unique putter face that is milled 27 times in 2 directions, creating a diamond shape integrated with vertical friction pattern; a friction pattern is a finely spaced milling point that imparts vertical friction when making contact with the ball creating optimal forward roll on a golf ball; Sizemore also creates custom designs, as shown in the beginning of this video that have face inserts made from combining multiple materials for stunning results; all putters feature SuperStroke putting grips.
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